• I am a programmer.

  • I love Vim.

  • I don’t use Emacs, but currently I don’t have a plan to start a war with Emacs users.

  • I use Mac OS X in my daily life and Archlinux at work. Windows is acceptable, although I don’t use it frequently before my internship in MSRA.

  • In all programming languages, I love Ruby best. Although I use Python and C/C++ more.

  • I hate ambiguity of function type in Python. That’s ridiculous.

  • I hate Java.

  • I hate PHP too.

  • I have interest in machine learning and data mining. They are cheap and effective.

  • But I never believe machine learning is a correct way to artificial intelligence.

  • I am from Swatow. So, definitely, I love all food in Swatow, like Beefball(牛肉丸), Char Kway Teow(炒粿条) Kway Chap(粿汁) and Tsai Tau Kway(菜头粿). If you want to visit Swatow and I happen to be there, please let me know and I will take you around.

  • Although I am not an Indian, I have no resistence to food with curry.

  • I love Apple’s products, except for using iOS 7 on iPhone 4. Its experience is unbelievably bad.

  • Oh, I forgot to mention iTunes. It’s even worse.

  • I am currently an Android user. I use Nexus 5.

  • I used to be a fan of Xiaomi. But I don’t like it any more, because I fail to fix the screen of my Mi-1.

  • I love mechanical keyboard.

  • I love tactile action.

  • I plan to buy Filco Minila 67 Air.

  • I love photographing.

  • I use Nikon D7000.

  • I love prime lenses and tilt shift lenses.

  • I am crazy in tee collection.

  • To be continued…

DSC_1451 by omegaga